Golden Hands Beauty Spa

We are proud to be the first Spa dedicated to excellence in training and practice in The Gambia. Here at Golden Hands Spa you find the ideal combination of Wellness, beauty, health and relaxation.Golden Hands Spa was created in 1995 and today operates three Wellness of centres in the Gambia at these exclusive resorts.Kairaba Hotel & Resort
Sunbeach Hotel & Resort
Sunset Beach Hotel
Golden Hands Spa sets industry standards in Spa training with its Holistic, and Health and Beauty Therapist Training. Many of our Team Leaders led the courses. We are proud that each of our health and beauty therapists has excelled in this accredited course. This means that the counsel and the treatments you receive at
Golden Hands Spas are based on training and experience married to your personal needs.

You can select from a variety of offerings. From reflexology, flower remedies, massage treatments, specialist bio skin treatments, to a number of our own
Golden Hands Spas Signature treatments which are developed especially for our guests.

We also do a fantastic job on those essential items that you need done while you’re away from home from manicures and pedicures to waxing and a
complete hair salon service, It's great when a holiday leaves you with lovely memories. But a truly world-class holiday leaves you with a whole lot more.

Golden Hands Spa in The Gambia, means pleasure, rejuvenation and relaxation and delivers a memorable active beach holiday combined with your favourite sports, great food, exercise programmes and personal service.The Golden Hands Spa ,The Centre of Health & Well-being. You can be assured of whatever your mind, body and spirit need, you will find it here, from non-stop relaxation to non-stop activity and all points in between. This holiday is for anyone interested in health and well-being, old or young, fit or unfit, looking for adventure or relaxation or just looking to rediscover yourself. There's something here for everybody. You'll leave feeling totally rejuvenated both mentally and physically.

Golden Hands Massage & Beauty Centre
Kairaba Hotel & Resort +220 446 2940/1/2
Ext 1515                                           992 7530
Sunbeach Hotel & Resort +220 880 2222

Sunset Beach Hotel +           + 220 446 5226
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