Golden Hands Treatments

Reflexology is a touch therapy, the earliest reference to which was found on a wall painting in an Egyptian Tomb depicting the physician to the King applying pressure massage to the feet and hands. Reflexology can be very effective at addressing conditions such as insomnia, back pain, hormonal/menstrual problems, infertility, digestive disorders, low energy, and sinusitis.

Sports Massage 
Sports Massage facilitates conditioning, recovery, and dealing with problem conditions that are caused or aggravated by intense physical activity. For the professional athlete or someone with a regular exercise routine, sports massage helps achieve optimal readiness in preparation for your event, facilitates recovery after your event, and as part of a training regimen, helps maintain optimal physical condition.effective at reducing stress and tension in the body.

Gambia Bamboo Massage
Experience the latest innovation to the health spa industry. The round, smooth & firm texture of the Bamboo Stalks makes this an original tool - rich in varying sensations. Symbolizing strength & flexibility, the Bamboo tools perfectly fit the contours of your body and provide a deep & revitalizing relaxation massage experience that harmonizes with your spirit.

Golden Hands Cupping Massage
A great new way to release chronic tension in the back and shoulders. This is an upper body massage treatment that is designed to loosen extremely tight muscles and breaking up stagnation in the tissue. Cups are applied to the back with suction creating a pressure that the skin and superficial muscle layer is drawn into and held in the cup. Some of these cups are left on the tight muscles for a short period while others are moved along the surface of the skin. Much pain is attributed to a binding of muscle fibers and fascia causing chronic holding patterns and restricted movement. While massage offers pain relief by applying pressure to the muscle & fascia, cupping lifts and separates the tissues freeing up fibers to once again move freely across each other.  

Physiotherapy treatment enhances recovery from injuries, can more rapidly eliminate or reduce pain, and prevents recurrence of injury.

Traveller's Bio Package
Retreat to a restorative and peaceful tropical spa during your Gambia holiday. Golden Hands Traveller’s Retreat spa package includes a full day’s use of the lush Spa services.

Relax Holiday Package includes
Vital Massage
Aloe Vera Special Massage
Flower Remedy
Aromatherapy Massage

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