Waxing Techniques

Waxing is a popular service that is typically performed at a salon or spa. A long-lasting type of hair removal, many women find that it is a good solution to unwanted hair; especially in the bikini area. 

Waxing techniques used depend on the area of the body that is being addressed, as well as how thick the hair is. Everyone is a bit different, so your specific needs should be taken into account when the approach is decided upon. 

Some places use cream wax, while others find that hard wax works better for their clients. In either case the wax is usually heated before it is applied to the body, and then muslin strips are applied to the warm wax, allowed to adhere for a moment, and are then pulled off to remove the hair by the root. Sometimes more than one application may be necessary; or stray hairs may need to be tweezed to complete the hair removal process.

Some waxing techniques include applying talcum powder to the area which prevents the wax from sticking to the skin and allows it to adhere only to the hair. Another type of wax does not require the use of muslin strips for removal. The wax itself hardens and can be peeled away. Many aestheticians use multiple waxing techniques for each client, depending on the area to be waxed.

Waxing can be done to remove unwanted hair on nearly any area of the body, and many men use the technique as well as women. Men often go in for a wax treatment for areas such as the back or arms, while women tend to use it for the legs, facial hair and bikini area. A bikini wax removes hair just outside and inside the bikini line area, but there is another type of wax treatment that has gained popularity over the years--the Brazilian waxing technique which removes most--or all of the hair from the bikini area.
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