Our health supplement contains more than 63 antioxidants and over 21 vitamins & minerals, a powerful combination of nature rich in phyto-chemicals,carbohydrates and dietary fibre. A complex nutrient rich formula designed to deliver a balanced low fat diet by providing a high source of micronutrients to promote natural energy and regulate bodily functions.

Mojoba7 supplements was developed to build and maintain health through intelligent nutrition.

We have created a powerful, natural and additive free organic formulas designed to deliver a high source of micronutrients to promote natural energy,healthy skin and regulate bodily functions.

Our body requires 40 nutrients which cannot be made within the body; these include essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. From these nutrients our bodies synthesize over 10,000 different compounds essential to the maintenance of optimum health. Research shows that most diseases are produced by an under-supply of various combinations of nutrients and these missing nutrients which allow illnesses to develop have been discarded in most processed and refined foods.

M7 contains more than 63 antioxidants, 21 amino acids and over 21 vitamins & minerals. M7 is a powerful combination of nature rich in phyto-chemicals,
carbohydrates and dietary fibre, designed to deliver a balanced diet by providing a high source of micronutrients to promote natural energy and regulate bodily functions.

Cholesterol- deposited in the walls of the arteries can cause narrowing of the channels through which blood circulates. A blockage limiting the blood supply can lead to cataracts, diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes and delay recovery from almost every illness. 

The most important nutrients in M7
to support the cardiovascular system are:

Vita B & pectin decrease cholesterol in the blood, linoleic acid helps breakdown both sat fat and cholesterol, Vita E helps to prevent blood clots, Cal & Mag help muscle contraction, Potas helps blood vessels dilate and Vita C helps support the normal functioning of the liver and blood vessels.

M7 contains important nutrients beneficial for diabetes, adequate nutrition can stimulate insulin production in a variety of ways. Vita A, C, B, E, potassium, and the amino acids biotin & inositol combined with small frequent meals can help to stimulate insulin production, regulate blood sugar levels
and reduce cholesterol & blood fat.

A nutrient dense diet is the cornerstone of healing. Nutrients are the fuel that run your body’s engine. Without the proper nutrients, in the proper combination for one‘s genetic blueprint, one’s engine may work, but not with panache.

Rather, your engine will cough, spit, fart, and backfire down the road of your life. Pain, disease, illness, and lack of energy will drain your life away, and though it is possible to live to a ripe old age with numerous maladies, you won‘t enjoy it. Those who love themselves enough to eat a nutrient dense diet, exercise regularly, detoxify their bodies, sleep well and think healthy, productive thoughts need not fear disease.

Today, we have many advantages when it comes to consciously creating health, for we have access to many nutrient dense foods and high quality supplements like Mojoba7.

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