Janny Berends Beeuwkes Success Story

 PUM Success Story Part 2 
Janny Berends Beeuwkes from PUM first came to The Gambia as a tourist in January 2009. Jenny dropped into Golden Hands Spa for a beauty treatment, it was then that she realized that the spa could be improved on.

She met with the CEO of Golden Hands Mr Kebba Dem and advised him of a initiative that was being promoted by an organization in The Netherlands called PUM, to help entrepreneurs and small to medium sized businesses in the developing world.

Mr Dem put in an application with PUM and was accepted into the programme, to his surprise the expert consultant who arrived in June of 2010 was no other than Janny Berends Beeuwkesa herself.

Jenny spent 17 days working with Kebba and the team of Golden Hands Spa, in addition to the Kairaba hotel location Mr Dem also operates  spas  at sun Beach hotel, Sunset Beach, Dunes Hotel Resort and Ocean Bay Hotel Resort.

Jenny first decided to evaluate the whole operation and then based on that study develop a strategy which would improve the experience of the customer, enhance the services on offer and integrate a training programme for all of the 35 team members employed at the five locations.

Over the next couple of weeks the staff and spa were transformed into a spa business model which could compare to any hotel wellness centre in Europe or The U.S. The improvements were sudden and dramatic, everybody came out of the training with a fresh outlook and a renewed commitment to providing the very best spa experience The Gambia has to offer.

Janny is from The Netherlands and in addition to working with PUM runs a successful International consultancy, specializing in coaching and training of beauty salons, spa, fitness centers, hotels and beach resorts. Jenny also works in training management, marketing and sales executives.

 Janny is an avid traveler who has visited over 51 countries including Indonesia, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Philippines, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Singapore and U.E.A.

Mr Dem the CEO of Golden Hands Spa at the Kairaba Hotel said I am totally at a loss to say how much Janny and PUM has helped our company to improve in almost every part of our operation, without her none of the improvements we are now seeing in our business would have been possible. I would certainly recommend Janny and Pum to any business that is serious about growing and improving their company, we look forward to her return to Gambia for a follow up training and assessment in February of 2011 with great anticipation.

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