Kairaba Hotel Spa Team

The dream team of Golden Hands Spa, massage therapists, beauticians, aerobic teachers and personal trainers ensure maximum benefits for every guest, such as weight-loss, improved fitness, greater flexibility, stress relief and a heightened sense of well-being.
Receptionist 4 year Team Member
Aja  is one of the receptionist. She enjoys working in a fast paced environment and as the first contact aims very high at projecting a professional image for the spa.


Senior Massage Therapist 10 Year Team member
I specialize in Swedish, Shiatsu with an emphasis on Physiotherapy. I view myself as a professional in my art and the most important aspect of my job is the capacity to heal.  


 Massage Therapist 9 year Team Member
" I have a lot of experience and i feel what the clients needs most often is just to feel relaxed and stress-free"


Massage Therapist 4 Year Team Member

I feel very lucky to be doing what i love and i think that shows in my work.


 Massage Therapist 1 year Team Member
Adama works as a massage therapist. " I love the exposure working at the spa, massage is my passion and i like to share that with my clients"


 Massage Therapist 7 year Team Member
"The clients are the real reason i love my work, they come from all over the globe and have some interesting stories to tell"


Massage Therapist 4 Year Team Member

 People tell me i have a special touch which seems to relieve the aches and pains from my clients, this makes me feel very good about the work i am doing.


Massage Therapist 1 Year Team Member
I have only been working for a short time but i was lucky enough to find a sponsor for my training and now i love doing massage especially aromatherapy. I like to use different oils and my clients feel so much better.


Hygiene Technician 2 year Team Member
"I love working with people and i get a lot of support from my team members which is very important to me"


Beautician 4 year Team Member 
"I really enjoy working on the feet, it is a part of the body which is hidden away most of the day but feet are so important"


 Massage Therapist 6 year Team Member
 "When i consult with my clients i know that everyone has very specific needs and i try to tailor my treatments to their individual needs"


Receptionist 1 Year Team Member
 I really enjoy surpassing our guests expectations, if i can achieve that then i am happy.


Beautician & Marketing Director 3 Year Team Member
I believe that my role is to both educate and facilitate our clients to be able to access the wide range of beauty services that we offer. I am an advocate of natural wellness products and we try to integrate as many organic nutritionally rich ingredients into our therapies.


 Hygiene Technician 2 Year Team Member
I really enjoy working with my fellow team members, we are very close knit. Cleaness is very important and so i see my job as very important to the success of our spa.

The dream team of Golden Hands Spa, massage therapists, beauticans, aerobic teachers and personal trainers ensure maximum benefits for every guest, such as weight-loss, improved fitness, greater flexibility, stress relief and a heightened sense of wellbeing.

Beautician 10 Year Team Member
 Nail extensions are one of my favourite treatments but the Bio Lift is what i excel at and i think my clients would agree with me.


Personnal Fitness & Arobic Trainer
 The best part of my work is to interact and share ideas about health and fitness with my clients who are from all over the globe"


Branch Manager 5 years Team Member

"My team is like a family to me and thats why we seem to get along with all of our clients, that family spirit."


Logistics Manager 12 Year Team Member
Over the years i have worked with many people here and developed long term relationships with both my co-workers and clients. I have come to appreciate that if i have respect for myself, that respect is projected in the way i do my job, which is with pride.



Customer Care Manager 5 Year Team Member
I deal with any issues regarding the satisfaction level of our clients and i enjoy constructive criticism from clients which are opportunities for us to improve our level of service and improve the Golden Hands Spa experience for all our customers. 
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