Sunset Beach Spa Team

Jeni Senior Massage Therapist 7 Year Team Member
I am really motivated by the satisfaction i see on my client's face after they have experienced one of my sessions. This is key to my outlook and drives me on to learn and implement innovative massage techniques to enhance my client's spa experience.

Isha Massage Therapist 2 Year Team Member
 I seem to have a natural inclination towards the healing arts and i try to use those abilities to give my clients the very best treatments.

Mariama Beauty Therapist 3 Year Team Member
I enjoy giving my clients exactly what they want, when they want and how they want it. I take pride in my work.

Lala Massage Therapist 2 Year Team Member
 I was trained for two years and now i have found my true passion. I am learning a lot from my more experienced team members and they are always willing to share.

Fatou Beauty Therapist 5 Year Team Member
 I am very detailed minded and i believe that this is an asset when it comes to my pedicure and manicure. I pride myself in being the best i can when it comes to footwork.

Binta Hair Technician 2 Year Team Member
Working within an international setting i find that i am asked to work on all types of hair. For me this is one of the greatest challenges and the biggest source of satisfaction because i am able to accommodate all hair types and styles.

Salla Massage Therapist 2 Year Team Member
I love using local natural products during my massage sessions. Not only do my client's from Europe appreciate the feeling it gives their body but they know that the products are good for them.

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